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We at Zippy Study are dedicated to provide you quality study material necessary for civil services absolutely free. We know that a student needs to purchase several expensive books to clear civil services. Also, to compile information from so many books is a tedious task. Thus, we have prepared notes for you, from every important book necessary for civil services and compiled them in such a manner, that you can easily study it from the website itself.

By logging to zippy study you can effectively organize your civil services preparation as we will provide you complete notes of general studies subjects such as History, Geography, Indian Polity, Environment etc.

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Recent Notes

Gandhi’s Harijan Campaign

This article contains everything important you need to know about Gandhi’s Harijan Campaign. Introduction: Ramsay MacDonald (the then Prime Minister of Britain) introduced Communal Award (1932) which was aimed to provide separate electorate to the Read more…

Poona Pact

Please go through the following article to know all the important points regarding Poona Pact. Introduction: Poona Pact was an agreement signed between Dr B. R. Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi in September 1932. Dr B. Read more…

Communal Award

Please read the following article to study all important points related to Communal Award (1932). Introduction: Communal Award was announced by the then Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in August 1932. Communal Award is also known Read more…

Second Round Table Conference

The following article covers all the important points regarding Second Round Table Conference. Introduction: Second Round Table Conference was held in London, between September 1931 to December 1931.  Indian National Congress (INC) agreed to participate Read more…

Gandhi Irwin Pact

Please go through the below article for a detailed explanation of Gandhi – Irwin Pact (1931). Introduction to Gandhi – Irwin Pact (1931) After the failure of the 1st Round Table Conference, the British government Read more…